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The Energy Show

Ron Urban discusses how green building, energy efficiencies, renewable energy, products, designs and green trends can dynamically benefit individuals and businesses.

A Sneak Peek At This Weeks Show

Airs Saturday January 9th

Ron Urban

For the past 30 years, Ron Urban has led an impressive career in general and electrical contracting. In 1982, he founded Tecron Electrical Contractors and Engineers, this became the parent company of Electrical Concepts and Construction. Each of Rons firms provided complete design and build planning and general contracting administration for commercial and industrial projects throughout New Jersey.

Eric Scott

Eric Scott is a three-time Edward R. Murrow award winning journalist, speaker and writer. His daily broadcasts are heard by millions in New Jersey Every month on 101.5 NJ. He is the Co-Host of the Energy show with Ron Urban.

Robert Burwasser

Robert Burwasser is the Technical Sales Manager for Everest Systems. He has 30 plus years in the commercial roofing industry having worked for GE Silicones, Bayer Material Science, Carlisle and Everest Systems. His specialty is in the liquid applied roof systems commonly being installed throughout the tri-state area and beyond the world.


Special Guest
Bryan has spent the past 17 years working in the clean energy and intelligent automation control sector doing business development, project management and design in the residential, commercial and industrial areas.
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